Pathogen Receptor Genes in carrot genome assembly V2

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Pathogen Receptor Genes in carrot genome assembly V2

PRGdb is an open and updated space about Pathogen Receptor Genes (PRGs), in which all information available about these genes is stored, curated and discussed. The purpose of our work is creating a worldwide community working on plant resistance genes with a constant update on all aspects of this research field and to encourage scientists to be actors of the discussion and of the data exchange.

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This analysis links to all of the PRG found in the Daucus carota genome assembly V2. Links are provided to PRGdb from those genes that have been annotated as a PRG.
A list of all 1,648 genes that have been annotated can be found in the File linked below.

Osuna-Cruz CM, Paytuvi-Gallart A, Di Donato A, Sundesha V, Andolfo G, Aiese Cigliano R, Sanseverino W, Ercolano MR. PRGdb 3.0: a comprehensive platform for prediction and analysis of plant disease resistance genes.. Nucleic acids research. 2018 01 04; 46(D1):D1197-D1201.
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The analysis, Pathogen Receptor Genes in carrot genome assembly V2, is a part of analysis, Carrot Genome Assembly DCARv2.
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PRGdb pipeline
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Friday, September 15, 2017 - 13:10
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: PRGdb
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For a general overview of carrot, see the Carrot Facts Page
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