Other Apiales Databases

This page contains a list of other databases housing data that includes one or more members of the Apiales clade, listed in order of original public release or of publication. The publication links in the third column are to the most recent publication rather than to the original publication for the database.

For a list of germplasm collections, some of which have an associated database, see the Germplasm Collection page.

Year Database Name Publi-
URL Short Description Notes
1862 NAL | Agricola   https://agricola.nal.usda.gov/ USDA National Agricultural Library and publication database  
1971 PDB link https://www.rcsb.org/ Protein Data Bank. Protein sequences, searches use Mmseqs2  
1988 NCBI link https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ Sequence repository, PubMed publication database Shares data with EMBL-EBI and DDBJ
1996 The World Carrot Museum   http://www.carrotmuseum.co.uk/ The first virtual museum in the world entirely devoted to the history, evolution, science, sociology and art of Carrots  
2003 PlantProm DB link [Long URL] A Database of Plant Promoter Sequences (Release 2009.02) Three promoters for Daucus carota
2009 Plaza link https://bioinformatics.psb.ugent.be/plaza/ An access point for plant comparative genomics, centralizing genomic data produced by different genome sequencing initiatives PLAZA 5.0 Daucus carota link
2010 RoBuST link http://robust.genome.com Genomic information for root and bulb vegetables including carrots, celeriac (root celery), parsnips and Alliaceae Nov. 2021 not available
Wayback machine 2016
2011 Phytozome link https://phytozome-next.jgi.doe.gov/ A hub for accessing, visualizing and analyzing JGI-sequenced plant genomes, as well as selected genomes and datasets that have been sequenced elsewhere Includes Daucus carota genome assembly
2014 CarrotDB link http://apiaceae.njau.edu.cn/carrotdb/ Genome assembly of 'DC-27', Blast, transcriptome data, taproot images Nov. 2021 not available
Wayback machine 2015
2016 iTAK link http://planttfdb.gao-lab.org/ Plant transcription factors (TFs), transcriptional regulators (TRs) and protein kinases (PKs) Includes Daucus carota and Panax notoginseng
2016 PlantTFDB 4.0 link http://planttfdb.cbi.pku.edu.cn/ A central hub for transcription factors and regulatory interactions in plants  
2017 CNCB-NGDC link https://bigd.big.ac.cn China National Center for Bioinformation - National Genomics Data Center  
2018 Ginseng Genome Database link http://ginsengdb.snu.ac.kr/ Draft genome, transcriptome, and functional annotation datasets of Panax ginseng  
2018 China National GeneBank Database https://db.cngb.org/ China National GeneBank DataBase (CNGBdb) is a unified platform built for biological big data sharing and application services to the research community.  
2020 CeleryDB link http://apiaceae.njau.edu.cn/celerydb The whole-genome sequences of celery Nov. 2021 not available
2020 CGDB link http://cgdb.bio2db.com/ A genomic, transcriptomic, and metabolic database for coriander  
2020 GreenCircRNA link http://greencirc.cn/ A Wiki-database of plant CircRNAs Includes Daucus carota
2020 CGD link http://celerydb.bio2db.com/ A high-quality celery genome sequence assembly, anchored to 11 chromosomes  
2021 Water dropwortDB link http://apiaceae.njau.edu.cn/waterdropwortdb   Dec. 8 2021 not avaliable
2022 CarrotOmics link https://carrotomics.org/ Genomic, Genetic, and Breeding Resources for Carrot Research You are at CarrotOmics now!