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Heritable Phenotypic Marker
Y2/- Yellow root; y2/y2 Orange root
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Map NameLinkage GroupPositionLocusMapViewer
2016 70349 NG full mapChr73.682Y2MapViewer
1997 9304×7262JBLG0115.8Y2MapViewer
2014 70349Chromosome_73.682Y2MapViewer
1997 9304×7262B15.9Y2MapViewer
2016 70349 NG bin mapChr73.682Y2MapViewer
2016 Integ NG bin mapCH753.621Y2MapViewer
2013 10117 ALG07133.1Y2MapViewer
2016 Integ NG full mapCH752.397Y2MapViewer
2004 BJ-Thesis-Fig4.6LG018Y2MapViewer