Coding sequence of DCARv2 gene annotations

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FASTA file with coding sequence of the gene annotations of the DCARv2 genome assembly (LNRQ01, GCA_001625215.1, ASM162521v1)

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For gene model prediction, mobile element–related repeats were masked using RepeatMasker. De novo prediction using AUGUSTUS v2.5.5, GENSCAN v.1.1.0, and GlimmerHMM-3.0.1 was trained using model species A. thaliana and S. lycoperisum training sets. The protein sequences of S. lycoperisum, Solanum tuberosum, A. thaliana, Brassica rapa, and Oryza sativa were mapped to the carrot genome using TBLASTN (BLAST All 2.2.23) and analyzed with GeneWise version 2.2.0. Carrot ESTs were aligned to the genome using BLAT and analyzed with PASA to detect spliced gene models. RNA-seq reads from 20 DH1 libraries were aligned with TopHat 2.0.9. Transcripts were predicted by Cufflinks. All gene models produced by de novo prediction, protein homology searches, and prediction and transcript-based evidence were integrated using GLEAN v1.1. Putative gene functions were assigned using the best BLASTP match to SwissProt and TrEMBL databases. Gene motifs and domains were determined with InterProScan version 4.7 against the ProDom, PRINTS, Pfam, SMART, PANTHER, and PROSITE protein databases. GO IDs for each gene were obtained from the corresponding InterPro entries. All genes were aligned against KEGG (release 58) proteins.

Data from this analysis can be viewed in JBrowse here.

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For a general overview of carrot, see the Carrot Facts Page
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