Data Download, Web Services, and BrAPI

CarrotOmics has data download links associated with any content type which includes data files. You can search for downloadable files at the File Search page. A summary of some of the more "popular" downloads is available on the Data Download page.

In the following example we will search for a gene prediction analysis. Go to the home page, and on the Search menu select Project, Analysis, or Assay Search
In the Name box, enter DCAR V1.0 Gene Prediction and click on the Search button

The search results should provide a link to DCAR V1.0 Gene Prediction. If we click on this, we see that this analysis has links for downloading various files.
Select the first one [A] "DCARv2 V1.0 Gene Prediction JBrowse GFF3" by clicking on the link in the File column
Data Download Figure 1

This leads to the page for that file. Simply click on the link [B] in the Download File Name column to download the file. File size and an MD5 checksum are provided for most files stored at CarrotOmics.
Data Download Figure 2