Phenotypic traits in CarrotOmics have been obtained from various sources, including the U.S. National Plant Germplasm System GRIN database, publications, and submissions from contributors.

Traits are classified as quantitative traits if the trait is measured numerically on a continuous scale. They are classified as qualitative traits if the trait is measured as discreet steps on a scale, for example scored from 1 to 5, or if the trait has discreet scoring terms, such as color of white, yellow, or orange.

There is a search page for each of these types of traits, the Quantitative Trait Search page, or the Qualitative Trait Search page, both of which are accessible under the top level "Search" menu.

If a trait has been placed on a genetic linkage map, it will have been categorized as a Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL) or as a Mendelian Trait Locus (MTL), and the page for that locus will have a corresponding MapViewer link to view that map. These types of trait markers can be found through the QTL or MTL Search under the Search menu. For example, the page for the MTL Y2 has links to several linkage maps, the map [A], when viewed, shows the Y2 locus at the end of linkage group CH7 [B]

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