MegaSearch functions as a broad-functioning search tool to query a variety of types of information.

CarrotOmics MegaSearch Menu

Other information types may be added in the future. Many of these search functions can also be found in individual links in the Search menu, but MegaSearch offers additional ways to subset data. For example, Gene/Transcript searches can be subset by annotations from BLAST, KEGG, InterPro, GO Term, and GenBank.

To perform a search with MegaSearch, first select the desired Data Type [A]
Then enter one or more search critera. In this example, we are just specifying the Organism [B]
Results do not appear automatically in MegaSearch. Once criteria are specified, click on the Refresh Count button [C], and the count of the number of results will be updated at [D]
To view the results, click on the View or Download buttons [E]. Here you can also specify which columns appear in the output. If you select the View button, results will appear at the bottom of the screen [F]

CarrotOmics MegaSearch Biomaterial Example