Web Services

In addition to the main web interface, CarrotOmics provides a way to programmatically access all available data using RESTful web services. These web services are designed to support the following:

  1. Allow end-users to access data programmatically using any language of their choice.
  2. Allow Tripal sites to share data among themselves.

Web services for Tripal are meant to be:

  1. Fully discoverable
  2. Searchable
  3. Provide access to the same data as that which appears on the visible content pages.
  4. Adjustable via Drupal’s content management interface (i.e. no programming required for existing content)
  5. Provide a programmers API for easy addition of new content.
  6. Share data the way scientists expect to see it.
  7. Use controlled vocabularies to ensure maximal interoperability.

You can access the CarrotOmics web services at https://www.carrotomics.org/web-services/
This initial resource “home page” of the web services returns results in JSON format. When using the JSONView extension within Firefox you can explore web services by clicking the links that are present in the browser.

For more detailed information consult the Tripal Web Services documentation at https://tripal.readthedocs.io/en/latest/user_guide/web_services.html