Most markers in CarrotOmics are associated with one or more genetic linkage maps. The various types of markers known are listed on the CarrotOmics Marker Types page.

Desired markers can be found using the Marker Search page. There, markers can be subset by subspecies, marker type, mapping population, linkage group/chromosome, or a trait the marker is associated with.
In the example presented below, we will limit our search to SNP markers [A]
in one specific linkage map [B]
on one specific linkage group [C]
and then click on the Search button [D]

The results of the search are displayed at the bottom of the screen [E]

For markers with known genome locations, a link to the CarrotOmics JBrowse will appear [F]. Clicking on this link will take you to the genome location where the marker is located

Marker Search example

Another useful function is to Search Nearby Markers, where a marker name can be used to identify markers within a user-defined genetic distance. In the following example, we will search for markers near GSSR-125 [G]
that are within 10 cM [H]

Nearby markers are listed in the Neighbors column [I]

Search Nearby Markers example

Marker pages can also be accessed directly from the linkage map(s) they are contained in. For example, any of the marker names in column [J] of the map below can be clicked to lead you to the corresponding marker page.

Marker Search example